Fisherman Spinoza Hook


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    Name : Fisherman Spinoza Hook
    Fisherman Spinoza Hook
    Description :

    Fisherman Spinoza Hook. Made for super jigging usage.
    It is lightly weighted & ultra strong, coated with a layer of titanium coating for more strength.
    It has a wide gap and beautiful form of natural bent.
    This hook sticks deep by light contact by fish and will prevent tearing of fish body.
    The ring eye is 7 degree slanted, freeing from tangling of assist line.
    This hook has long taper & supersharp hook point. You will find this hook has outstanding penetrative power. 
    The barb is enlarged by 10% to hold th fish more firm. 

    Available size:- 9/0, 10/0, 11/0, 12/0