Tiemco Mad Pepper Magnum


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    Name : Tiemco Mad Pepper Magnum
    Tiemco Mad Pepper Magnum Tiemco Mad Pepper Magnum
    Description :

    Effectively deep crankingMad Pepper Magnum is exhausted by the design concept to calculate the flight attitude and air resistance in the air, earning a distance out to dominate others. The results lead to ensure diving depth, targeted reach to ensure that water depth.Excellent depth also keep the power, you can ensure the strike zone longer. Nice sharp shad-like action rolling. Flew well, good diving and good swimming. The result is brought about far superior to all fishing. Strong with a deep cranking exciting, and "tough" Mad Pepper Magnum is the ultimate answer to this game.

     Model   Length (mm)   Weight (g)   Depth (m)   Type 
     Mad Pepper Magnum  80 24.5 5  Floating