Versus VS-3080 (Camouflage Green)


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    Name : Versus VS-3080 (Camouflage Green)
    Versus VS-3080 (Camouflage Green) Versus VS-3080 (Camouflage Green)
    Description :

    An Awesome Lure / Tackle Box for series lure fisherman.
    The Cover is made of impact polystyrene plastic lid, bottom made of shock resistant copolymer and stainless steel buckle ring and shaft.
    It as double locking system on the first layer which pervents Lures / Items falling out when the box is accidentally lifted without first locking.
    Made in Japan 

     Brand   Model   Size (mm)   Weight (kg) 
     Versus   VS-3080   480 × 356 × 186  2.8